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Allie Stone

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“I had to purchase an additional Comfyllow for my husband after he used mine. He loved how quickly he drifted into sleep due to its incredible comfort.”

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Are you Still Using Traditional Pillows?


Poor Neck Support

The incorrect posture while sleeping, can aggravate neck and back pain. 


Poor Sleep

Good Sleep is essential for your well-being. Poor sleep leaves you fatigued.



Snoring while sleeping can be caused by sleeping at the wrong angle.

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A New Era Of Comfort

The Comfyllow Sleep Corrector

Neutral Spine


The ergonomic design keeps your spine naturally aligned.

Have a Better Life


Better sleep leads to better wellbeing and renewd energy.


Feel Amazing


Feel more energetic after sleeping. No more grumpy mornings. 

Stop Snoring


Keeping your neck at the right angle opens your airways. 

Backed By Science

5 Studies have contributed to the creation of the
Comfyllow Sleep Corrector


How one pillow can be the perfect fit for everyone?

Adjustable Height

You and me, we are all different, so should be our pillow!.
Remove the extra cushions to find the perfect height for your neck. For an optimal sleeping comfort.

A Great Pillow – A Great Story

The Story Behind The Pillow


Stop using traditional pillows; they do not properly support your spine

More than 30% of your life is spent sleeping, and sleep should be a time for healing and rejuvenation!

However, sleeping in the wrong position can cause a variety of serious health issues.

Neck pain,

Back pain,

Headaches and


The Good news is, an exceptional therapist has developed a solution.

After treating thousands of clients, he noticed a pattern. Despite all efforts, many of his clients started to show their chronic pain and fatigue again after a short 2-3 months.

Until one day a patient with very serious neck pain came in, for whom the treatment did not want to work at all.

He realized, that something must be terribly wrong with his daily habit and by interviewing him, he found the root cause.

He was sleeping in a very damaging position!

Regardless of how many therapies he tried, due to his poor sleeping posture, the joints and muscles always slipped back into the position that caused the pain.

From that day on, he educated all of his clients on how to sleep correctly.

His mailbox started to fill with thank you letters from all the happy clients who did not need any therapy anymore.

But they also asked him to recommend a good pillow!

He did not know any pillow that was up to his standard, so based on his experience and taking additional information from various studies, he designed

The Comfyllow Sleep Corrector

Already, thousands of people worldwide have experienced a miraculous change by simply swapping their ordinary pillows with a Comfyllow Sleep Corrector!

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E-Book with easy guidelines to improve your sleep.

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comfort in all positions

The Comfyllow Sleep Corrector Will Keep Your Spine In A Neutral Position


Side Sleeper

A pillow must account for the difference in height of the neck and the head. The Comfyllow Sleep Corrector does exactly that. 


Back Sleeper

Sleeping on the Back is the healthiest for your spine. The Comfyllow will make sure you get the optimal support for your neck and spine.  


Stomach Sleeper

For stomach sleepers, proper neck and spine support is key. The Comfyllow Sleep Corrector meets this need precisely, ensuring you wake up aligned and refreshed.

correcting the wrong posture

The Days Of Neck And Back Pain Are A Thing Of The Past

Incorrect sleeping posture can lead to various health issues. The Comfyllow Sleep Corrector directly addresses the root cause of prolonged neck and back pain. 
17,233 ratings

Therefore, Over 30,000 Happy Customers Love Their Comfyllow!

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Amy Austin


“I spend my days at a desk, and the usual neck and shoulder pain was really getting to me. But guess what? I woke up this morning without any pain – it’s like a weight lifted off! I’m seriously considering getting another such pillow because the difference is just amazing.”

Fitness, nature and happy senior woman listening to music for exercise in nature for  cardio runnin.

Christine D.


“I’ve never owned a better pillow than this one. Say goodbye to neck pain – it’s like magic! I used to see a Chiropractor for my neck issues, but this pillow has taken my pain relief to a whole new level. Even my Chiropractor is impressed with it. Trust me, you won’t regret getting this!”

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Agatha Webb


“After few nights I can say, I can recommend this pillow. Before I used low pillows because I sleep on my stomach, but when I slept on the side I woke up many times at night because my hands were numbed. Now nothing. Fast shipping.”


Michael W.


“It’s been a little over a week since I started using this pillow, and I’m already feeling a significant reduction in my neck pain. Waking up pain-free is a whole new experience for me, something I haven’t enjoyed in ages. No matter how I sleep – whether it’s on my side or back – the support is fantastic. If you’re dealing with morning neck pain, this is definitely worth trying.”

Im at home most in the outdoors.

Mathew Butler


“These pillows are very comfortable. When I use, this pillow, my neck does not hurt. I have been trying so many different pillows, but only this pillow turned out to be a bull’s eye. I can recommend it, I have already got another two for my wife and daughter. If you are struggling with morning neck pain, I wholeheartedly recommend giving the Comfyllow a try – it has been a game-changer for me.”


Joshua Harris


I still can’t wrap my head around how this pillow lives up to its promises! Dealing with a stiff and sore neck for years, I had resigned myself to just living with it. But then I spent one night with this pillow, and it was like my neck was set free! The entire day, no pain! As a side sleeper, I found that adjusting the pillow for stomach sleeping was surprisingly comfortable and not as tall as the back sleeping position.”


Frequently Asked Questions

We have 24/7 email support. Our customer support agents are trained to honour our 30-Nights Pain-Free or Free Pillow Guarantee. We want you to feel genuinely better. That is our mission. Therefore, we have designed the pillow. If we cannot deliver on that, we do not want your money. The count for the 30 days starts from the day you have received your pillow. (psst don’t tell anyone, but we are giving a grace period of another 10 days. So if you miss the 30 days by a few days, we will still grand you the 30-Nights Pain-Free or Free Pillow Guarantee.)

We ship every order by on the next day. If you are in the US the international shipping will take 7-10 business days. 

We have 24/7 email support. Our customer support agents are trained to honour our “100 Nights Trial” and the “Love It Or Get Your Money-Back Guarantee”. We want you to feel genuinely better. That is our mission. Therefore, we have designed the pillow. If we cannot deliver on that, we do not want your money. The count for the 100 days starts from the day you have received your pillow. 

Poor posture is the No1 Therapy killer. As good as the therapies may be, if you do not change your bad habit, your bad posture will create the same issues again and again. 30% of our life we spend sleeping. If you make a conscious effort to correct your sleeping position with the help of the Comfyllow Sleep Corrector, you will turn the #1 therapy killer into a source of rejuvenation. Sleep yourself healthy, Get well and Stay pain-free!

Statistically, more than 85 % of adults experience some sort of neck pain or back pain. 15% of all workers have to call in sick at some point due to pain. Even if your pain is not as severe now, chances are very high that you might experience something like this in the future. After all, one ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Making a conscious effort to correct your sleeping position with a Comfyllow Sleep Corrector is not only a very reasonable prevention for future pain but will also increase your sleep quality and your daily energy levels and performance.

Our manufacturing capacity is only 10,000 units per month. We try our best to keep up with high demand and reduce advertisements when we are out of stock in order to keep the waiting list short. The waiting time should never exceed 3 weeks.