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About Us

Comfyllow is more than just a pillow brand. It is a story of resilience, recovery and empowerment. It all started when the founder of Comfyllow, Josef Kenton, was struggling with chronic back pain after his first child was born. He felt overwhelmed by the pressure of raising a family, working as self-employed and coping with the pain. He tried different therapies, but nothing seemed to work, somehow managing the most important tasks of the business while being hooked on painkillers.
He was struggling until he met an exceptional therapist, Jay Mueller, who changed his life. He not only treated his spine problems, but also taught him a valuable lesson, that changed everything.

"Poor posture is the number one therapy killer. "

He explained how bad posture will aggravate the pain and will make it impossible to cure it out. He showed him how to improve his posture in every situation: sleeping, sitting, walking, standing and more.
He followed his advice and noticed a remarkable difference. His pain decreased, their energy increased and his mood improved. He felt like he had a new life. He wanted to share his experience and help others who suffer from similar issues. Through the Advice of Jay and the Business efforts of Josef the Comfyllow was born.


Comfyllow is a brand that offers high-quality pillows that are designed to support your posture and comfort. Comfyllow is on the ambitious mission, to raise awareness and provide a pillow for sleeping and sitting that will improve life, by giving a cheap and effective way to recover from pain on one hand, and protect everyone from pain on the other hand. Whether you need a pillow for your bed, your couch, your car or your office, Comfyllow has the perfect solution for you. A Comfyllow along with your conscious effort will guarantee Improvement of your posture and along with that the long term solution for your back pain or neck pain, or we do not want to keep your money. 

Therefore, we offer a very daring "100 Nights Trial" and a "Love It Or Get You Money-Back Guarantee".

Comfyllow believes that posture is the key to health and happiness. That’s why we also provide tips, resources and education on how to improve your posture and prevent pain. We want to inspire you to take charge of your well-being and live your best life.